No cables, no problems!

In industrial applications, traditional wired devices pose challenges in installation and reduced flexibility which has seen a shift in the industry. To combat this, NHP’s state-of-the-art sWave® range provides an innovative and reliable wireless solution.

Within the range comes sWave® for standard industrial applications, sWave® – Safe for safety applications and the IECEx Certified sWave® – HAE for hazardous area applications.

These devices increase reliability through specialised protocols, bidirectional communication and the ability to monitor signal strength and battery status. Reliability is further enhanced through the listen-before-talk (LBT) technology which reduces the probability of signal collision where multiple wireless switches are being switched simultaneously.

Whilst delivering a long transmission distance, this wireless range offer increased mobility for operators and allow units to be installed on moving applications. The integrated universal transmitter modules can be used as an interface to connect to a standard switch to wirelessly switch the output.

Efficiency is achieved with Energy Harvesting where batteries are not required for operation and energy is captured from the switching process of the mechanical device.

Significantly reduce downtime by quick and easy installation with NHP’s leading innovative sWave® wireless range, eliminating operational limitations.

Download the below brochure for more information!

NHP Wireless Switchgear Range Flyer
Explore new possibilities in interfacing with increased design flexibility and mobility.



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