Improve business continuity using NHP’s SMART transfer switch with Bypass


To ensure maximum power availability for critical buildings, global specialist in automatic transfer switch (ATS) equipment, Socomec have developed a new enclosed ATS which features a maintenance Bypass function.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products recently launched the new ATS with Bypass which generated much interest from engineers working in sectors such as healthcare, utilities and telecommunications. It maintains the comfort and safety of people within the building and allows critical processes to continue by quickly restoring power during a mains failure.

Based on the proven Socomec ATyS ‘load break technology’ transfer switch design, the enclosed ATS with Bypass provides ‘no-break to the load’ during maintenance of the switching mechanism, removing the ‘single point of failure’ that normally exists in typical ATS systems. The integrated Bypass functionality ensures power can be maintained or quickly restored to critical loads such as sprinklers, elevators and water pumps. This solution offers complete isolation of the ATyS to ensure safety and guarantees power continuity.

The association of an ATyS Bypass along with a remote interface ATyS D20 will enable an easy configuration, exploitation and visualisation of the data shown on the front of the equipment such as timer settings, hysteresis and start/stop of the genset.

General characteristics

• From 40 to 3200A - 4 poles.**
• 230/400V AC +/- 20%, 50/60 Hz, self-supplied from incoming sources
• Normal/Emergency logic control sequence
• Voltage and frequency checking of networks I and II
• Control of phase rotation
• 1 configurable output relay for generator start/stop command
• Position I, 0, II control by external dry contact
• Manual emergency operation
• Auxiliary contacts
• MODBUS communication options available
• AUTO / MANU selector
• Equipment protection degree: IP41 as standard - other IP upon request
• Hinged door
• Wall mounting brackets supplied up to 160A
• Floor standing feet from 250A to 3200A
• Plug-in ATS from 160A
• Phase identification
• Mimic panel ((3 LEDs; source availability (1 and 2) and load; 16 LED mimic panel optional))
• Integral protection against direct contact on each functional unit
• Steel enclosure
• Colour: RAL 7035.

There are two versions of the Socomec ATS with Bypass

• The Single Line ATS Bypass consists of 2 functions: an automatic changeover switch and a single Bypass line connected to the preferred supply source
• The Double Line ATS Bypass consists of 3 functions: an automatic changeover switch, an ATS Bypass and a facility for selecting between supply sources when in Bypass.

Options for using the SMART ATS with Bypass

• Normal position - the load is supplied by the supply source defined as the preferred source. In case of primary source failure, the ATS automatically transfers the load to the alternate source when available
• Bypass position - ATS seamless transfer to the Bypass mode is achieved using the Bypass line via Q1 to ensure continuity in the power supply to the load. Changeover switch Q2 is then open to provide complete isolation from the power supply sources and to ensure safe interventions
• Test position - from the Bypass position, changeover switch Q2 can be closed to supply the ATS and achieve operational checks, without jeopardizing the supply to the load. Transfer to the normal position can then be achieved.

Remote ATS Bypass management using Ethernet

A serial RS485 connection with MODBUS protocol is factory fitted. An optional module can be integrated to enable communication through Ethernet for the following functions:
• Alarm management (SNMP protocol)
• Remote control / data logging.

For more information on NHP’s SMART ATS with Bypass, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia - 1300 NHP NHP
New Zealand - 0800 NHP NHP

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