Finder 12 Series – SMART, reliable digital timers for your application

The Finder 12 Series digital time switches supplied by NHP are not only designed for easy setup and use, but also to provide SMART, accurate and reliable timing control of your application.

The range includes weekly model types including ‘Astro’ program variants.

Standard features of the range include:

  • Supply voltage options: 12-24V AC/DC, 120V AC & 230V AC
  • Battery backup
  • Width sizes (17.5 to 35.8mm)
  • 1 & 2 C/O switching contacts
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Memory locations (30 to 60 depending on model)
  • Minimum time interval setting of 1 minute
  • Australian daylight savings mode
  • Programmable holiday mode
  • Manual override available


The time switches are set and programmed via a front screen using keys on the unit to provide control of weekly schedules. The intuitive menu structure makes the process of navigating, programming, and maintaining the unit easier. Select models can also be programmed on a PC or laptop via the use of a special programming kit.

For weekly schedules, individual days of the week can be selected for switching the output as required while also giving the user the ability to precisely set the time (hours and minutes) on output switching. The pulsing option gives the user capability to program a switching time for a defined duration on a selected channel from 1s to 59 mins. With two channel timers, the channels can be independently configured as part of the program setting.

Select models in the range come with the ‘Astro’ program, which calculates the sunrise and sunset times through the date, time, and location coordinates (longitude and latitude) entered for the unit. Therefore, the time switch can be used for switching loads such as lights in a park with the calculated sunrise and sunset times. An offset function can be used if required to advance or delay switching of the output from the sunrise and sunset times calculated.

With such functionality, the Finder 12 Series digital time switches are ideal for use in applications such as lighting, heating and cooling, irrigation systems, display illumination and more.

To view instructional videos on how to use the Finder range of time switches, from setting a digital time switch for daylight savings to configuring an Astro timer’s location setting, click here.

For more information on Finder 12 Series, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia - 1300 NHP NHP

Finder 12 Series
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