NHP partners with Swinburne University to foster next generation of engineers

Since our inception in 1968, NHP has prided itself on being a leader in the electrical and engineering industry, all sustained and underpinned by the personnel expertise that are the backbone of our core business. For this to continue to power us forward, NHP understand our responsibility to invest and support the future of our industry.

In saying this, NHP proudly partners with Swinburne University to not only strengthen our team’s skills and knowledge through specific courses but for NHP to foster the next generation of engineers ensuring that our industry remains in its prosperous state now and into the future.

Swinburne Formula SAE

Our most recent sponsorship is with Swinburne University of Technology’s ‘Team Swinburne’ student motorcar racing team.

With NHP’s support, students not only receive monetary backing but are given the opportunity to leverage off NHP’s expertise, whether it be marketing, business or engineering guidance. This will contribute to their ultimate goal of building an open wheel race car for competition in the Australasian Formula SAE, ensuring each component and element meets safety compliance and incorporates cutting edge technology.

“We are excited to support a program that equips the next generation of engineers with the skills needed to transition into the workforce in a platform from which students can gain hands-on experience, providing a solid foundation for their careers,” NHP Chief Marketing Officer, Geoff Thorp commented.

This partnership enables students to cultivate their skills through developing a cutting-edge motorcar and executing on an overall plan. NHP are proud to be involved in this student initiative, fostering the upcoming prospects of our ever changing industry.

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