NHP lights the path in LED technology

In today’s world, there is an emphasis on energy management and the associated cost savings as well as reducing our carbon footprint in order to benefit the environment. This is where LED technology is leading the way forward offering high efficiency, less waste generated and a long service life whilst only having a low power requirement, making them extremely environmentally friendly. This is an important factor in today’s world and the use of LEDs will continue to grow as a result.

With this in mind, NHP brings to market the EXEL-L and the EVL High Bay LED lighting ranges from Cortem, perfectly suited to all applications within hazardous environments. These ranges promise the most efficient LED technology as they are designed to achieve the highest lumen output per watt rating on the Australian and New Zealand market. These products prove to be not only market leaders but also offer increased benefits over traditional lighting technology.

With the implemented LED technology, the operating life of the units can exceed 14 years for a 12 hours a day duty, significantly reducing maintenance requirements over traditional lighting technology. In addition, LED technology promises lower loss of brightness as product ages and increased resistance to shock and vibration with toughened borosilicate glass, therefore, having a longer life in arduous installations.

Running at low operating temperatures, NHP’s EXEL-L series is IECEx Certified enabling installation in hazardous areas where a high degree of protection and resistance against corrosion is required. This range is equipped with long life LED tubes sealed in a transparent resin, and thanks to the new reclining frame on which the LED tubes are housed, easy access to the inside part of the lighting fixture is possible. This system simplifies the maintenance and any interventions on the electrical part required by the operator, ensuring greater safety and quick service.

With similar features, the EVL High Bay range incorporates aluminium housing, specifically designed with a finned body to efficiently dissipate heat and minimise dust accumulation. In addition to being Zone 1, 2, 21, and 22 compliant, the EVL range is also purposely designed to be compact and lightweight allowing for quick and easy installation. In turn, this reduces labour costs during installation and maintenance.

When it comes to selecting Hazardous area lights, NHP offer complementary in-house lighting designs to improve efficiency by optimising product placement and selection (see 3D lighting design example pictured right). By selecting the right light for your application from our broad range and optimising the placement of the lights we minimise the quantity required which results in substantial savings for the customer.

LED technology expands to offer a complete range
To complement NHP’s range of hazardous area LED lighting products, we offer a range of non-hazardous LED beacons from Moflash ideal for industrial and commercial signalling applications.

With a brand new offering of Intrinsically Safe devices within the range, these devices are perfectly suited for hazardous area applications. LED beacons are the most versatile of all the beacon lamp types currently on the market. For the greatest light output and longevity, this range is capable of continuous, flashing or rotating operation with various voltages and colours to suit your application.

With a local stock holding, make NHP your local choice for your next LED products unlocking a complete offering that brings together quality products, local knowledge and reliable performance.


Hazardous Area Equipment
Customised and IECEx certified hazardous area solutions.

To speak to an NHP expert or see a live display of NHP’s LED range, we will be exhibiting at the IICA (Institute of Instrumentation control and automation) – Process & Instrumentation Technology Expo 2017 in Perth on the 12th of October at Belle Vue Ballroom 2, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road Perth WA.

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