NHP Cycle 4 Change | Meet the riders: Darian Rees-Lilley

NHP Cycle 4 Change Meet the riders Darian Rees Lilley

NHP is proud to be the naming rights sponsor for the 2020 Cycle 4 Change. This year’s event takes place in the Yarra Valley from March 19-22.

Thirty riders traverse over 470km including tackling nearly 10km of climbing over the four-day event. Each rider has a fundraising goal of at least $2,500, however the total goal for this year’s event is $160,000.

All money raised goes to Southern Cross Kids’ Camps (SCKC), a charitable organisation that puts on camps for children across the country that come from a background of neglect and abuse that otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to do something like attend a camp.

Several NHP employees are again participating in the event this year and we’re getting to know some of the riders in the lead up to the event. Our latest participant is Darian Rees-Lilley, Improvement & Development Leader based at our Richmond head office.

Have you competed in the event before?

This will be my third Cycle 4 Change! I’ll only be doing one day this year, but I’m really excited to experience a long Victorian ride.

How have you approached your training?

I cycle practically everywhere I go, throw in a few laps of the Yarra when I’m on my way to work and I’m ready to rock.

What prompted you to sign up to participate?

I love the Cyle 4 Change crew and they’re breaking chains and getting flats for a great cause.

Do you have a personal connection or affiliation to the cause or charity?

I visited a camp a couple of years ago and few things are as sobering as 10-year-old children trying to understand how presents work for the first time.

Are you looking forward to the event or is it all about the fundraising/end goal?

I always look forward to the rides, there’s great camaraderie among the cyclists and you can’t beat spending hours out in the Australian landscape.

How much money do you think you can raise this year?

I’m aiming for at least my goal but the sky is the limit!

How would you describe the work SCKC do to someone who is unfamiliar with the charity?

SCKC gives kids that might never have had a chance to be kids a real opportunity to experience love and laughter.

You can donate to Darian’s Cycle 4 Change fundraising efforts here.

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