Maximum Power Availability - NHP Socomec Transfer switches that eliminate the single point of failure in your network

In today’s industrial and business environment, it is essential to be able to rely on a continuous power supply. Modern buildings and industrial complexes have critical loads such as essential lighting, computers and continuously operating industrial equipment.

To ensure maximum power availability for critical buildings, global specialist in automatic transfer switch (ATS) equipment, Socomec have developed a new enclosed ATS which features a by-pass facility. NHP recently launched the new ATS with by-pass with much interest from engineers working in the hospital and telecommunications sector.

Based on the proven Socomec ATyS ‘load break technology’ transfer switch design, the the enclosed ATS with by-pass provides “no-break to the load” during maintenance. The integrataed by-pass functionality ensures power can be maintained or quickly restored to critical loads such as sprinklers, elevators, water pumps and etc. This solution offers complete isolation of the ATyS to ensure safety and guarantees continuity of the power supply during maintenance and test operations.

The external ATyS D20 screen can also be mounted to the enclosure door allowing easy configuration, exploitation and visualisation of the data shown on the front of the equipment.

The solution offers Single Line ATS Bypass and Double Line ATS Bypass. The Single Line ATS Bypass consists of 2 functions: an automatic changeover switch and a single Bypass line connected to the preferred supply source. The Double Line ATS Bypass consists of 3 functions: an automatic changeover switch, an ATS Bypass and a facility for selecting between supply sources when in Bypass.

Socomec ATyS Bypass

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