Introducing the first CIP Safety over Ethernet / IP light curtain on the market

The Allen-Bradley GuardShield™ Light Curtains offer the latest technology including the first CIP Safety over Ethernet module on the market along with integrated laser alignment, muting, blanking and cascading.

Is it time to review the safety of workers at your production facility?

Light curtains are an essential safety mechanism in manufacturing plant, particularly those requiring cutting and chopping before packaging a final product. Staff need access to the product without having to regularly open and close guarding, which is where GuardShield Safety Light Curtains come in.

The GuardShield range of light curtains, available through NHP, has an innovative design that not only ensures the safety of your personnel but also cuts down on maintenance and spare parts.

GuardShield is the first range of safety light curtains on the market to have integrated CIP safety over EtherNet modules, which will provide detailed diagnostics and status information to Logix DLR networks to cascade to multiple 450L or other EtherNet/IP products together.

Most light curtains on the market contain a transmitter and receiver stick, but the GuardShield curtain leverages patented plug-in transceiver technology. Each stick can be used as either a transmitter or receiver via innovative plug-in modules, resulting in fewer parts being required.

To significantly reduce engineering effort, The GuardShield range was designed with embedded functions that are configured quickly and easily via DIP switches or software, including muting, blanking, start mode, external device monitoring and scanning ranges.

The GuardShield range also features an Integrated Laser Alignment System (ILAS) for quick installation and reliable operation, which significantly reduces alignment labour time. This amounts to significant cost savings when installing 450L units across multiple locations, not to mention improved up-time regarding maintenance and hardware-replacement efforts.

The units come in different lengths ranging from 150mm up to 1950mm - in multiples of 150mm in both 30mm hand and 14mm finger resolutions. There are no dead spots (passive zones) at the top or bottom of the stick, which means they can be installed inside a machine frame and do not have to be mounted outside or on the machine like a traditional light curtain system.

For more information on the most advanced safety light curtain on the market, or other Rockwell Automation products, please call your local NHP representative or email us:

Australia -                   1300 NHP NHP  

New Zealand -            0800 NHP NHP  

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