Introducing TemBreak Pro – powering today and connecting tomorrow

TemBreak PRO is a range of robust and reliable moulded-case circuit breakers from NHP and Terasaki, tailored for the Australian and New Zealand market to power the electrical networks of today and connect to the information systems of tomorrow.

After considering feedback about the existing range of MCCBs from all sectors, a new range of MCCBs is born, that can handle protection functions and measurement with ease of configuration and the highest quality, guaranteeing performance.

The new Tembreak Pro range includes colour coded labels to help identify trip unit technology type and the right application fit.

• Blue label - SMART Electronic 
• Grey label - Basic Electronic
• White label - Thermal Magnetic

Blue label - SMART Electronic

TemBreak Pro Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with a blue label are available with SMART Electronic trip units. 

P model SMART Electronic MCCBs with trip unit type P_SE, in addition to protecting against overloads and short circuits, offer flexibility via individual setting capability for Long Time, Short Time, Instantaneous and Ground Fault characteristics, as well as a host of other standard or optional features. This allows for improved selectivity combinations between MCCBs or other circuit breaker types, plus a wide range of electrical measurement and communication functions via the P_SE SMART Metering MCCB range. 

B model SMART Electronic MCCBs with trip unit type B_SE or B_SX, 400AF to 1000AF consist of a meter built into the MCCB and offer flexible adjustment of the characteristic curve Long Time, Short Time and Instantaneous settings. Settings are entered via a menu system in the integral meter. 

Trip unit P_SE and B_SE offer industrial communication options. 


Grey label - Basic Electronic 


When it comes to trip units, TemBreak Pro has all the options, but there is one trip unit model that is the best friend of all switchboard builders, contractors, consultants and end users! That is the Basic Electronic, with fully adjustable LSI protection. 

The Basic Electronic features a very granular pick up current and time delay setting adjustments, ensuring that selectivity studies are a breeze for consultants. Both the Overload (L) and Short Time short circuit (S) settings can be disabled, making the Basic Electronic trip unit perfect for a much wider range of applications. 

New P model Basic Electronic MCCBs with trip unit type P_BE offer flexibility via individual setting capability for Long Time, Short Time and Instantaneous and Ground Fault characteristics, as well as many other standard features such as the pre-trip alarm function, which is ideal for basic load shedding requirements. There are also optional features available. Settings include Instantaneous-only, while standard LED indicators are trip unit over temperature, PTA, ready and pick-up. 

B model Basic Electronic MCCBs with trip unit type B_BE provide LSI overload protection for overloads and short circuits. The trip units consist of a standard 2 dial type and feature a base current adjustment dial, and the choice of up to 10 standard characteristic curves linked to the base current adjustment (B400_BE to B1600_BE), or 8 dials for 250AF MCCBs (B250_BE). 2 dial electronic MCCBs include as standard an Instantaneous-only characteristic, which can assist in some grading or motor start applications. Ground fault protection is optional and 4 pole versions include neutral pole protection as standard. 

XS model Basic Electronic MCCBs with trip unit type XS_BE consist of a flexible 5 dial type, which allow adjustment of all parts of the characteristic curve Long Time, Short Time and Instantaneous settings, are available for current ratings 2000A/3200A. 



White label - Thermal Magnetic

TemBreak PRO Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with a white label are available with Thermal Magnetic trip units in ratings from 20 A to 800 A. The trip units are easy to adjust, as they come as standard with a thermal current adjustment dial Ir and a magnetic/instantaneous adjustment dial Ii. 

Simply select the current rating via a dial adjustment. An adjustable magnetic characteristic allows short circuit protection to be matched to the load and supply characteristics. eg motor inrush currents or generator short circuit currents. 

Lowering the short circuit tripping threshold can allow a higher earth-loop impedance in an installation and provide end-of-cable protection with the correct disconnection times.


Basic power requirements 
Small light and power Main Distribution Boards – cost and space saving options with the Thermal Magnetic A160 / A250 models 

Complex power reticulation 
Large Main Distribution Boards achieve AS3000 Safety Services and Selectivity requirements while optimising cable sizes with the highly flexible, yet simple to use Basic Electronic trip unit. 

Motor control centres 
Super small P160 frame size is available with Thermal Magnetic, Basic Electronic or SMART Electronic trip units optimising physical size and Type 2 co-ordination. 

Arduous environments 
Deliver maximum power at ambient temperatures up to 50°C so there is no need to oversize your MCCB design, reducing overall cost.

Tiny but mighty P160 
P160 frame size with Basic Electronic trip unit, just 30mm pole pitch – ultimate performance for selectivity and type 2 coordination in a super small footprint! 

For more information on the NHP/Terasaki Tembreak Pro range of MCCBs or other SMART Power Distribution solutions, please call your local NHP Account Representative, or email us:

Australia - 1300 NHP NHP

New Zealand - 0800 NHP NHP



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