Improve productivity and enhance data management with Stratix 5200 Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, efficient and reliable communication networks are vital for the success of manufacturing operations. With the increasing digitisation and automation of industrial processes, businesses require robust networking solutions to ensure seamless connectivity, improved productivity and enhanced data management.  

The Allen-Bradley® Stratix® 5200 Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch offers a versatile design, supporting various copper and fibre models with Layer 2 switching. This compact, scalable switch has embedded Cisco technology that can be used in applications with small, isolated or complex networks. With integration into Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment® software, you can leverage FactoryTalk View faceplates and add-on profiles for simplified configuration and monitoring.  

Unleash the power of industrial networks 

The Stratix 5200 is a managed switch, engineered explicitly for industrial environments, where it excels in facilitating reliable and secure communication across multiple devices. This cutting-edge switch combines high-performance switching with advanced security features, making it an indispensable asset for a range of industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation and utilities.  

It includes a robust set of switching and security features to support a wide range of architectures and uses the Cisco IOS-XE operating system for optimised compatibility to the enterprise environment. Choosing a switch co-developed by Rockwell Automation and Cisco allows your Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) professionals to leverage tools and technology which are familiar to them. By helping to provide optimised integration, you can experience easier commissioning and actionable diagnostics.  

These switches also feature Web UI enhancements, which help improve performance through troubleshooting, disaster recovery features and customisable dashboards. 

Key features and benefits  

1. Robust industrial design - the Stratix 5200 is built to withstand harsh operating conditions typically encountered in industrial environments. Its rugged design ensures optimal performance in high-vibration, high-temperature and dusty settings, making it suitable for installation in demanding locations such as factory floors, outdoor installations and remote sites.  

2. Enhanced network visibility - with its web user interface, the Stratix 5200 offers comprehensive network diagnostics and monitoring capabilities, empowering users with real-time visibility into their network infrastructure. By providing detailed insights into network performance, traffic patterns and device health, the switch enables proactive maintenance, troubleshooting and optimisation of network resources, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency.  

3. Industrial security - protecting critical industrial assets from cyber threats is paramount. The Stratix 5200 incorporates advanced security features, including port security, authentication and access control lists, safeguarding industrial networks against unauthorised access, data breaches and other security vulnerabilities. The switch also supports role-based access control (RBAC), ensuring only authorised personnel can access specific network resources.  

4. Resilient network infrastructure - the Stratix 5200 offers redundancy and fault-tolerant features to ensure uninterrupted network connectivity. It supports industry-standard resiliency protocols such as Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) and Device Level Ring (DLR) Supervisor/Redundant gateway/ DHCP, providing automatic network failover and seamless recovery in the event of a network link or device failure. 

In the digital age, industrial networks must be efficient, secure and adaptable to meet the ever-growing demands of modern industrial environments. The Stratix 5200 Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch represents a significant advancement in industrial networking technology, offering unparalleled performance, robust security features and extensive management capabilities. By leveraging its powerful features, businesses can enhance operational efficiency, improve network visibility and mitigate potential risks, thereby unlocking the full potential of their industrial networks.  


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With the Stratix 5200, NHP and Rockwell Automation provide a reliable and future-proof solution that confidently empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of the industrial landscape.  

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