Improve energy consumption data with Concept Dual Energy Metering Boards

NHP’s Concept Dual Energy Metering Boards are a stocked solution designed and engineered to include a pre-installed metering system. These boards help satisfy the energy monitoring requirements of Section J of the National Construction Code (NCC) by offering a standardised, off-the-shelf solution, with a pre-installed metering system which measures energy consumption data for artificial lighting and power separately.  

  • National Constructor Code NCC (Part J8.3)
  • Stocked off-the-shelf solution
  • NABERS ready
  • Monitor light and power
  • Space saving design with integrated busbar system
  • Easy implementation with SMART eBox or existing BMS

Coming with all the advantages of the Concept Plus range of panelboards, Concept Dual Energy Metering Boards also feature separate light and power sections on a split chassis. These are ready for rapid fit out of individual circuits by the onsite contractor.  

The two chassis sections are separately metered with our 2-in-1 EM270 energy meter, which satisfies almost all monitoring requirements as per the NCC. To store this consumption data and achieve full compliance, combine the Dual Energy Metering Board with NHP’s SMART eBox or UWP3 (sold separately). NHP also has a single metered version to ensure you have a solution for every application. 

For details on specific models available, click here

For more information, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us: 

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Dual energy metering board 
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