Important changes to item numbers

As part of NHP’s continuous efforts to improve the way we deal with our customers online, we have taken on board customer feedback and implemented some changes that will ultimately improve the user experience on our website and portal.  

One such change is to remove ‘special characters’ such as dashes and full stops from item numbers, which applies only to a relatively small section of our product catalogue. This is because we have discovered that item numbers with ‘special characters’ are incompatible with our new website platform.

We have temporarily removed these items from the NHP Portal while we make changes to the item numbers. Please be assured that only the item number is changing - the product itself is exactly the same.

We anticipate that this transition will occur quickly, but if you experience any problems in the meantime, please call your local NHP Account Representative who will be able to help you with a quote or with ordering these items.

The new item numbers are only slightly different in most cases, just with dots or dashes removed. Once the new item numbers are available, you will be able to access these products via the search function - simply start typing the item number without the special characters and the new number will appear in the predictive search results for you to click on and order.

Our Price List Catalogue will also be updated accordingly.

For more information, please call your NHP Account Representative or call:

AU - 1300 NHP NHP

NZ – 0800 NHP NHP
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