Get the most from your industrial data with simple, smart edge computing technology

NHP not only understands the need to accurately and efficiently manage mission critical data from industrial environments, but also recognises the importance of making sense of this data in today’s competitive environment.

The newly released Stratus ztC Edge™ computing technology from NHP offers the local Australian and New Zealand markets a fully virtualised, self-protecting computer platform specific to the industrial automation industry to simplify complex data.

Composing of industry-leading smart technology, this device features an in-built virtualisation platform that collates edge data in real-time and predicts faults before they occur, reducing costly unplanned downtime on the factory floor and increasing productivity.

Allowing flexibility with its compact design, this device is easily integrated into existing infrastructure and allows for seamless installation.

With the capacity to handle large amounts of data being generated at the edge, the Stratus ztC Edge™ is ideal to accommodate demanding applications and manage vital data without risk.

“The new ztC Edge™ server operates as a fully integrated, secure computing technology solution, purpose built to deliver a large amount of simplified data that removes the need for continuous system management. In-built with smart fault tolerance capabilities, the device delivers reliable, simultaneous virtualisation and edge computing,” NHP Business Manager- Automation and Specialist Solutions Michael Liberatore commented.

To ensure you reduce the complexity of your Industrial Automation infrastructure with simplified, smart edge computing technology, contact your local NHP Sales Representative or call 1300 NHP NHP.

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