Get SMART with energy usage data with the UWP 3.0

The UWP 3.0 from NHP Electrical Engineering Products is a powerful solution for monitoring, centralising and storing a building’s energy usage data as well as offering an open interface for building management functionalities. It can connect to vast range of energy meters, store time stamped data as well as automatically transfer it to a fully customisable monitoring, analysing and reporting web-interface accessible from any web browser.

The M2M functionalities offer building automation via Smart Dupline as well as having the ability to connect to any other building automation system that is BACnet certified. Its ability to also centralise other web-server based solutions such as the VMU-C makes the UWP 3.0 the ideal cost-effective solution for multi-functional buildings.

The main advantages of the UWP 3.0 include:

• All in one datalogger, controller, gateway, web-server with onboard backup storage – a perfect solution for compliance to NCC 2019 Section J8.3 requirements

• Compatible with a wide range of communication protocols, devices, applications and libraries

• Ability to read and control up to 124 devices

• Ability to be interlinked with cloud systems EM2, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS as well as its own subscription free web monitoring system

• Web monitoring available on any browser, smartphone and tablet

• Can email or SMS scheduled reports.

Installation and configuration is quick and easy with the UWP 3.0’s two DIN mount size which allows it to fit easily in any panelboard or load centre. The quick configuration software UWP Tool provides an option for onsite configuration or offsite configuration via MS Excel to load into the UWP 3.0 onsite, saving on time and labour costs at installation.


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