Flexible and dependable enclosure solutions for protecting valuable equipment

NHP has an established offering with the Eldon floor standing enclosure range. These enclosures are designed with robustness and flexibility to provide reliable protection to valuable electrical equipment. Available in a choice of powder coated mild steel or 316L stainless steel as well as a range of sizes and configurations, there is sure to be an Eldon enclosure to suit every application.

The enclosures can be fitted with climate control options such as heaters, ventilation fans, heat exchangers and air conditioning units in order to maintain the recommended operating conditions for installed equipment.

The floor standing range includes a secure locking system with flat locking rods, self-positioning locking catchers, new metallic lift handles and an enhanced security “click” indicator that provides an audible indication of correct locking operation.

Available in single and double door, as well as compact or bayable/combinable versions, a comprehensive range of accessories including glazed inner doors, plinths, baying kits, rain hoods, 19” rack mounting, swing frames and locks are compatible across the range.

Quick-fixation baying brackets and CLPF profile system ensures that no tools are required to install which reduces build time by up to 80%. The floor standing enclosure range features continuous welding for maximum strength promising no weak spots.

With improved product availability, NHP is your local choice of enclosure solutions to protect your equipment.

For more information on the Eldon floor standing range, download the brochure below!

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