NHP/Socomec Inosys DC Switch Disconnectors - comply with AS 60947:3:2018

AS/NZS 5033:2014 Amdt2:2018 Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV) arrays came into effect on 30th June 2019.

Amendment 2 introduced new installation and product requirements for switch disconnectors to improve the uniformity of product datasheets and ensure the switch disconnectors can withstand the harsh Australian climate especially in In Photovoltaic applications.

The main changes are:

Switch disconnectors must now be compliant to AS 60947.3:2018, a modified version of international standard IEC 60947.3 with requirements specific to Australia.

Switch disconnectors shall be sized to the rating corresponding to the utilization category DC-PV2.

AS 60947.3:2018 defined:

DC-PV2: Connecting and disconnecting PV circuits where significant over currents may prevail and where current flow can be in both directions. DC-PV2 is requested for combiner boxes.

DC PV1: Connecting and disconnecting single PV string(s) where reverse currents and significant overcurrent cannot occur.

DC PV0: Opening and closing a PV circuit to provide disconnection when no current is flowing.

NHP is proud to introduce you the latest visible Socomec Inosys DC switch disconnectors comply with AS 60947.3:2018 requirement which is specific to Australia.

The INOSYS range offer the stable ON and OFF positions ensuring complete disconnection and isolation. The flexible configuration leads to an easy installation to suit most PV applications.

Socomec Inosys DC Switch Disconnectors  T

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