Expand your possibilities with NHP's Concept Plus metering panelboards and SMART eBox

Energy metering is at the core of understanding your energy consumption and provides you with a smart way to manage and improve your use with accurate information.

From basic energy monitoring to advanced power quality and channel monitoring, NHP has a range of high-accuracy energy meters for your site’s needs. An important part of energy monitoring is the ability to centralise data from different meters on site for ease of storage and analysis. This is why all of NHP’s meters are comms-enabled or have an option to be comms-enabled.

Centralising energy monitoring data is now easier than ever, thanks to NHP’s Concept Plus metering panelboards and SMART eBox. This allows for straightforward compliance with section J8.3 of the NCC and gives you remote access to real-time data about your energy consumption.

The metering panel boards are equipped with a comms-enabled energy meter for individual load monitoring of light and power. The hourly energy data is centralised and stored by the SMART eBox. Manufactured and commissioned by NHP, the SMART eBox can be utilised as a datalogger, gateway or controller for various meters, environmental sensors and other SMART power distribution devices via Modbus (RTU or Ethernet). The eBox can also be used to centralise other webserver-based solutions (such as the VMU-C and UWP 3.0) and operate as a BACnet/IP gateway, seamlessly integrating any Modbus-capable device into a Building Management System.

For more information, please contact your local NHP account representative or email us:

Australia: 1300 647 647 nhpsales@nhp.com.au
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