Ensure youre equipped with robust power distribution solutions

In today’s commercial construction and facility management industries, reliable and continuous power supply is critically fundamental to ensure financial or business losses are not incurred. Depending on the load requirements, the implementation of a reliable back up supply of electrical power can be critical to the electrical design of an installation. At NHP we pride ourselves on providing market leading power distribution solutions to meet local requirements that address these challenges.

Socomec Automatic Transfer Switching solutions from NHP

NHP offers a wide range of open transition load break based transfer switches from Socomec (ATyS) that guarantee both the continuity of the power supply and the safety of operations to your facility. All devices comply with IEC60947-3 and AS/NZS 60947.6.3.

The complete ATyS range are user friendly with a quick and easy installation process, catering for applications from 40 to 3200A.

Performing at high levels, the ATyS series offers plug-and-play solutions which features interlocking and padlocking functions, manual emergency control, watchdog relay* and conditional return*. With an integrated auto-configuration and available supporting expansion modules, there is a full range of accessories with simple programming directly on the product or through configuration software*.

*does not apply to the entire range. Please contact NHP for details.

Retrofit Air Circuit Breakers with NHP

Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) are commonly used in low voltage (LV) switchboards and due to their typically passive operation, are often forgotten about until there is a trip or circuit breaker failure leading to a power supply disruption.

The consequence of ACB failure can be financially costly and potentially dangerous to personnel. To help address this issue, NHP provide ‘retro-fit’ solutions which allow end users to modernise their ACBs with minimal downtime. Retrofitting of ACBs offers increased cost savings compared with the replacement of an entire switchboard as the key components of the system can be quickly replaced, leaving the existing copperwork and steelwork intact.

As well as improved safety and functionality, modern ACBs also clear short-circuits much faster than older models. This means that the incident arc energy is correspondingly lower, which in turn, reduces arc flash hazard. On top of this, retrofitting is typically 80% cheaper than switchboard replacement with minimum downtime.

NHP’s ACB retrofit solutions are specifically designed to allow the existing switchboard to remain fundamentally unchanged, with only the obsolete ACB being replaced. Existing busbars and cables remain unaltered, therefore simplifying the installation process and reducing downtime.

The NHP retrofit solution has been designed according to relevant Australian standards and recognised industrial practices, ensuring the controlled removal of ACBs that are obsolete and potentially dangerous. With retrofit and upgrade options available for most brands and models of ACB, NHP can work within your existing switchboard environment to provide a cost effective solution.

Innovative and reliable busbar solution

The POWERMAX Isolation chassis gives you an alternative that will change the way you think about chassis design, reducing potential hazards for electrical maintenance workers through a combination of innovation and NHP’s solid chassis design principals.

The result is a high quality encapsulated isolation chassis that incorporates a proven mechanically interlocked busbar tee off disconnection system. The NHP POWERMAX offers colour coded isolation switches that operate in all conductors including the neutral. The NHP POWERMAX isolation switches have the unique feature of being able to be linked together enabling one switching operation for all 3 phase as well as an option of a captive locking system directly to the switch.

The NHP POWERMAXr has excellent thermal and mechanical performance and is perfectly suited to applications which require minimal downtime including hospitals, data centres, banks, airports and production lines.

If you’re after the benchmark in miniature circuit breaker chassis design, the choice is simple. Choose NHP POWERMAX.



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