Boost productivity with PowerFlex 6000T Medium Voltage Drives

Simple. Connected. Easy-to-use. Rockwell Automation and NHP bring you the PowerFlex 6000T medium voltage (MV) drives, featuring a common control architecture and TotalFORCE® technology.  

PowerFlex 6000T MV drives will simplify your integration and operating experience as they share the same control hardware, firmware and network interface software used in our latest generation of PowerFlex 755T low voltage drives.  

Using a common control platform across your entire installed base of variable frequency drives lowers integration, operation and support costs. A common platform also reduces product-specific training requirements and spare parts inventory.  

PowerFlex 6000T MV drives feature:

  • Easy configuration, integration and visualisation in the Studio 5000 design environment. The Add-on Profile is the preconfigured data translator, visual user interface and data configurator all rolled into one. It is also the primary tool that sends drive data to the control system.

  • Connected Components Workbench software offers full device profile support, which makes it easier to configure, program and visualize in a single software package.

  • Simplified and more intuitive local control, monitoring and diagnostics with a larger 254 mm colour touch screen enhanced HIM.

  • Real-time alerts available for the device health via FactoryTalk® Analytics™ for Devices.

  • Extensive input power monitoring functionality for kW, kVA, kVAR, elapsed kWh, MWh and power factor.

  • Quick and secure flash-over-fibre firmware updates for all main control boards and power cells from a single file.

  • More comprehensive and faster troubleshooting with Forensic Data Recorder functionality.

  • TotalFORCE technology provides excellent motor control through precise, adaptive control of velocity and torque while using maintenance analytics alerts to ensure maximum drive and process uptime.

Suitable applications

PowerFlex 6000T MV drives are particularly well suited for all-purpose, nonregenerative applications such as fans, pumps, mills, conveyors and compressors. They are an ideal solution for motor control applications from 100...11,000 kW (200...15,000 Hp) and for motors rated from 2.3...11 kV.  

Air-cooled PowerFlex 6000T drives are designed to maximise energy efficiency by enabling soft starting and variable-speed control in normal duty and heavy-duty applications. To achieve low input harmonics and near-unity power factor, the drives use a Cascaded ‘H’ Bridge topology. This topology combines an integrally mounted phase shifting isolation transformer with series-connected power cells for each phase.

PowerFlex 6000T AC drives allow for flexibility in a variety of applications and are available in many configurations based on motor voltage:

  • Multiple control modes, including flux vector control, featuring up to 150% starting torque with an encoder and 100% starting torque without an encoder.

  • Simple, air cooled design at all voltage and power ratings.

  • Eco design main cooling fans provide higher efficiency and reduce losses.

  • Integrally mounted multi-pulse isolation transformer helps ensure low line-side harmonics.

  • Automatic power cell bypass helps minimise downtime in your critical applications.

  • Common modular power cells designed for easy removal, minimising Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

Additional resources: 


PowerFlex Medium Voltage Drives product brochure

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For further information on PowerFlex 6000T drives or other Rockwell Automation products, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia - 1300 NHP NHP

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