Socomec automatic transfer switch controllers – an intuitive, reliable solution for continuous power supply

In modern buildings, healthcare and industrial complexes, reliable and continuous power supply to critical loads such as essential lighting, computers and constantly operating industrial and medical equipment is vital to maximise productivity and minimise downtime.

NHP offers a wide range of reliable and versatile automatic transfer switches (ATS) from 40 to 3200A for applications where continuous power supply is an absolute must. NHP’s ATS offering includes:

  • Load break based Socomec ATyS range
  • Socomec ATS controller solution - circuit breaker based, including MCCB and ACB; OR motorised loadbreak ATS (AtyS r and ATyS d M).


Socomec ATyS C55/C65 automatic transfer switch equipment controllers can be used to pilot a remotely operated transfer switch of any technology - motorised switches (e.g. ATyS r or ATyS d M), circuit breakers or contactors. ATyS C55/65 controllers ensure the automatic or remotely controlled transfer from one source to another, with configurable timers and thresholds, for any paired combination of sources - 2 transformers, 1 transformer and 1 genset, or 2 gensets.

The automatic transfer takes place whenever predefined conditions by the user occur, such as power supply instability, fluctuations in voltage or frequency, or the need to use the most economical power source.


  • Safe controls for transfer between a normal and alternate source
  • Intuitive and simple controls for local operation
  • Quick, easy and safe electrical manual operation
  • Straightforward installation with effective ergonomics
  • A simple and secure control interface
  • Easy mounting and smart configuration
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications (IP65 gasket available)

Locally stocked and technically supported within Australia and New Zealand, NHP has both off the shelf and customised ATS solutions to meet your needs.

Read Hervey Bay Hospital's success story using Socomec ATyS

For more detailed information on product features, applications and the specific benefits for switchboard builders, consultants and end users, read more here, contact your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia - 1300 NHP NHP
New Zealand - 0800 NHP NHP

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