Allen-Bradley Micro870® programmable logic controllers now available with DNP3

Micro870® programmable logic controllers from Allen-Bradley are now available with DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol version 3.0) and support secure authentication version 2 and 5. In the automation architecture, the Micro870® controller is used as a DNP3 slave and has level 2 implementation. DNP3 on this controller is supported via serial (embedded and plug-in) and ethernet ports.

DNP3 has long been a feature at electric utility substations and in more recent years, has been embraced by the water and wastewater industry for RTU applications. 

Features of the Micro870® programmable logic controllers with DNP3:

* All three-end point type support which include listening, dual and datagram only

* Time synchronisation and timestamping of message packets

* Event reporting capability

* Automatic logging of events during communication outages

* Master address validation and access control

* Unsolicited response support

* Event driven messages

Select between two controller part numbers - 2080L70E24QBBN & 2080L70E24QWBN. In addition to DNP3, the controller features:

* 14 digital input points (24V AC/DC)

* 10 digital output points (24V DC source and relay options)

* Supports a maximum of 3 plug-in slots

* PTO/PWM support (QBBN model)

* Embedded HSC support

For more information, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia  1300 647 647

New Zealand  0800 647 647

Micro870 DNP3 
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