Allen-Bradley 1492-P ‘Push-In’ Terminal Blocks - the terminal range for modern industries

The Allen-Bradley range of 1492-P terminal blocks makes use of an innovative “Push-in” connection technology feature, which makes wiring simpler, quicker and more efficient while maintaining safe connections. With such characteristics and a plethora of terminal blocks to choose from, make the AB 1492-P your preferred range of terminals for modern industry!

With the 1492-P range, a solid or ferruled conductor can be directly inserted, with minimal force, into the terminal block without using any tools and is just as easily removed from it by simply pressing on the orange coloured plastic actuator on the terminal body. Stranded conductors are inserted/removed by simply pressing down the actuator, while the design mechanism also helps to prevent any strand breakage. The plastic actuator on the terminal provides a safe method of inserting and disconnecting wire as it prevents contact with live metal parts.

The push-in connection technology feature offers considerable time savings in wiring terminal blocks while maintaining safe and reliable connections. The terminals provide improved wiring accuracy and ensure quality connections are made, eliminating the need to make any post connection adjustments. Simply make the connection, then walk away knowing you won’t have to worry about them again!

By using AB 1492-P terminal blocks, you will benefit from these wiring efficiencies, as they provide a way to rapidly connect and manage wiring of terminal blocks in a more effective manner, which in turn helps boost overall productivity and deliver cost savings. Test points are also located to test connections that have been made, this is beneficial to conduct fast inspection and easy commissioning. The terminals are also vibration-resistant and therefore prevent failure of connections when used in such conditions.

The 1492-P range includes an array of different terminals such as feed-through, disconnect, fuse, plug-in and earth terminals. These types can be selected in different wire sizes, colours, number of levels (single and multi-level) and connections on the terminal body. Application driven designs are also available which have been developed to make convenient and easy connections with a small terminal profile for space saving requirements. This includes designs for control power distribution and sensor/signal blocks. The 1492-P range is supported by a range of accessories including cross-connects, end plates, barriers, plugs and a host of marking solutions.

Please use the links below for more information on the Allen-Bradley 1492-P range of terminals:

Allen-Bradley 1492-P Terminals - Australia

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