A connection made "Just Easy" with Push-in Terminals from NHP

NHP’s new range of Allen-Bradley® Bulletin 1492-P Terminals feature push-in actuators for ease of use and time saving advantages.

The push-in technology used allows for easier insertion of cables (solid, stranded or ferrules).

A very low force is required on insertion and to release the cable, the push-in actuator is simply depressed using a tool (screwdriver). Alternatively, with fine stranded flex the actuator can be depressed for insertion.

The use of the actuator is fast and easy. It eliminates difficulties in removing cables that can be present with spring clamp technology and is of an insulated design that eliminates the exposure to live conductors.

The time saving advantages with the easy insertion force is approximately 30% over using standard screw type terminals.

The Allen-Bradley® Bulletin 1492-P Push-in Terminal Blocks are available exclusively from NHP in a wide range of standard and application specific offerings, includes standard terminal blocks of 1.5mm2-6mm2 in single or double deck configuration.

Application specific terminal blocks such as Sensor Blocks, and Power Distribution Blocks are also available, allowing a simplified solution to customers’ requirements.

A connection made Just Easy with Push-in Terminals from NHP hero

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