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SOCOMEC Group is an independent manufacturer specialising in the distribution, control and quality of power supplies serving low-voltage electrical networks, industry and the service sector. 

Founded in 1922, SOCOMEC has developed two business areas: Low Voltage Protection Systems and UPS Systems. With a number of subsidiaries and industrial sites throughout the world, SOCOMEC combines technological innovation and technical know-how with high-quality pre and post sales services.

SOCOMEC is an undisputed leader in power switching and changeover functions, and has been a specialist manufacturer of electrical equipment. The company has become a major player in cutting-edge technology such as the monitoring and detection of insulation defects. SOCOMEC guarantees solutions and services which are both relevant and efficient.

The culture of independence

The SOCOMEC Group’s independence ensures control over its own decision-making, respecting the values advocated by its own family shareholders and shared by its employees. SOCOMEC pursues international development by targeting industrial and service applications where the quality of its expertise makes all the difference.

The spirit of innovation

SOCOMEC dedicates nearly 10% of its turnover to Research and Development. As a result the SOCOMEC can achieve its ambition of always being one technological step ahead. The vision of a specialistAs a manufacturer with complete control over its technological processes, SOCOMEC is quite unlike the more general providers. The group is constantly improving its fields of expertise in order to offer its clients increasingly customised, appropriate solutions.

A flexible manufacturing structure

Backed by two European centres of excellence (France & Italy), SOCOMEC also benefits from competitive production sites such as Tunisia and locations in the major emerging markets (India & China). These sites have all implemented a system of continuous improvement based on lean management principles, and are therefore in a position to provide high levels of quality, and meet the deadlines and cost requirements expected by customers.

SOCOMEC has been a signatory to the Global Compact since 2003.



Socomec News Article thumbnail - Power your needs with reliable transfer switching equipmentPower your needs with reliable transfer switching equipment

NHP offers a wide range of open transition transfer switches from Socomec that guarantee both the continuity of the power supply and the safety of operators. All devices in this complete range are user friendly with a quick and easy installation process, catering for applications from 40 to 3200 A. 




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