Distributed IO

NHP's distributed IO solutions provide a reliable, flexible and scalable platform for industrial control systems by easily connecting and monitoring field devices, such as sensors and actuators, from a central location. Our distributed IO solutions improve the efficiency and accuracy of control systems, while reducing the cost and complexity of wiring. Our wide range of distributed IO products, including analog, digital, and specialty modules allows for a customised solution that meets any unique application.

Distributed IO

Product Family

IO in Cabinet
IO In Cabinet

NHP offers a broad range of flexible, modular and cost-effective distributed I/O solutions in-cabinet for industrial automation and control applications. The In-Cabinet Modular I/O products allow for the selection of the exact mix of I/O interfaces and communication adapters, providing greater flexibility in designing your system.

IO on Machine
IO On Machine

NHP offers On-Machine™ Block (IP67/69K) Distributed I/O modules that can be mounted directly on a machine, reducing wiring costs and improving maintenance. Offering a complete assembly of sensor and actuator interface points with either analog, digital or specialty I/O modules and On-Machine I/O modules. Suitable for end-of-arm robot material handling, welding and packaging applications.