Product Family

Analogue and Digital Meters
Analogue and Digital Meters

NHP offer a comprehensive range of IME voltmeters, ammeters and many other analogue measurement devices. Available in both AC and DC, direct connected or via transformers, transducers or shunts.

Branch Circuit monitoring
Branch Circuit Monitoring

NHP’s branch monitoring solution connects directly to the load side of circuit breakers for simultaneous monitoring of numerous single and/or three-phase loads. Its compact size and ability to monitor up to 96 channels with its respective split core current sensor TCD12 makes it ideal for high-density monitoring within distribution boards.

Current Transformers and Transducers
Current Transformers and Transducers

The Current transformers and transducers range are highly accurate and cover a broad range of sizes and form factors.

Energy Management
Energy Management Solutions

NHP’s Energy Management Solutions encompass a range of products to meet your energy management and monitoring requirements.

Energy Meters
Energy Meters

NHP’s wide range of meters offers cost-effective, easy-to-install options for basic energy meters.

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Multifunction Meters

For applications where more than the basic energy variables are required, NHP offers a range of three-phase multifunction meters to measure advanced and critical system variables such as harmonics and power factor.

Power Analyser
Power Analysers

NHP’s power analysers are perfect for applications where detailed energy and power analysis is required. With an extremely high sample rate, it is possible to monitor harmonics up to the 127th order, record sags, swells, and other voltage disturbances.

Pulse Meters
Pulse Acquisition Meters

Centralise your pulse meters with the D4CR12. This “comms” enabled pulse acquisition meter gives you the flexibility to read multiple types of pulse measurements with its programmable pulse weight inputs.