Manual Transfer Switches

NHP offers a complete range of manual multi-polar changeover and bypass switches that provide safe and reliable transfer between two sources of incoming power supply. They are available in standard or visible break contact variants with a comprehensive range of accessories including mechanical interlocking. Manual transfer switches are operated locally by personnel, via direct mounted or external panel mounted handles, which allows direct control and time to assess the availability and readiness of the alternative power supply before changing switch position.

Manual Transfer Switches

Product Range

Socomec BCO Change over Switches
Socomec BCO Changeover Switches

The BCO Bypass changeover switches are a combination of three interlocked switches enabling 3+6 or 4+8 pole configurations for bypass applications. For overlapping contact switching (I-I+II-II), this configuration provides bypass to a UPS or other devices when sources are synchronised and the UPS is in static bypass mode. Available from 125 to 1600A.

Socomec SCO Change Over Switches
Socomec SCO Changeover Switches

The robust SCO range of manually operated three or four pole switches with positive break indication that provide changeover, source inversion or switching under load between two low-voltage power circuits, as well as safe isolation via double breaking contacts tested to standards IEC 60947.3 and IEC 60947.6.1, available from 125 to 3200A.

Socomec SCOM Change over Switches
Socomec SCOM Changeover Switches

The SCOM range of manually operated changeover switches is available in 2 types - standard (I, O, II) and make before break (I, I+II, II), both provided as user assembled kits. A wide range of user fitted accessories and various mounting options including DIN rail and direct or external handles are available.

Socomec VCO Visible Change over Switches
Socomec VCO Visible Changeover Switches

The VCO visible contact changeover switches offer fully visible breaking in a compact and effective design. The VCO range features positive circuit indication, two stable contact positions and double-break contacts for reliable disconnection. The range extends from a compact 63A to a very capable 1600A model.