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Allen-Bradley Power Monitor 5000 Advanced Power Analyser
Allen-Bradley Power Monitor 5000 Advanced Power Analyser

The Allen Bradley Power Monitor 5000 is the premier power quality meter from Rockwell Automation. Building on core power and energy metering capabilities features include advanced harmonic analysis, power quality monitoring and virtual wiring correction capability. This power analyser is a comprehensive solution for enhanced power monitoring and management requirements.

IME NEMO96 EA Multifunction Meter and Power Anaylser
IME NEMO96 EA Mulitfunction Meter and Power Analyser

The IME NEMO 96 EA power analysers are perfect for applications where detailed energy and power analysis is required. A high sample rate makes monitoring harmonics up to the 40th order possible, recording sags, swells and other voltage disturbances. Easy to configure and connect to remote monitoring systems via various add-on modules including pulse, alarm, control I/O and analogue outputs.