Energy Management Solutions

Buildings form one of the largest cost centers in businesses and represent an untapped opportunity for improving bottom line. Understanding how a building performs with respect to energy consumption begins with having access to the right information - which should be easy to find and interpret. NHP can provide you with both hardware and software-based offerings to centralise hourly trending data from a wide range of SMART devices locally or remotely to meet the requirements of the NCC 2022, Part J9D3.

Energy Management

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Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management Gateways
Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management Gateways

Manage your energy consumption with Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management Gateway, allowing you to monitor various energy meters and devices remotely, log data, and receive alerts. The gateway also supports multiple protocols, such as BACnet/IP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, software platforms (e.g., Carlo Gavazzi EM²), and BMS. Easy to install and maintain, they are the best choice for your facility.