Guard Locking Switches

The NHP Guard Locking Switches are designed for protecting hazardous areas where danger is not immediately removed after a stop request. They are ideal for use on applications such as high inertia rotating machines, fast rotating machines, and machines where high pressure is required to be released from pneumatic valves.

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Guard Locking Switches

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Allen-Bradley 440G Atlas 5 Guard Locking Switches
Allen-Bradley 440G Atlas 5 Guard Locking Switches

The Allen-Bradley 440G Atlas 5 Guard Locking Switches provide reliable and safe access control for machinery and equipment in industrial environments. Ideal solution for securing doors and gates, while ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

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Allen-Bradley 440G Spartan Guard Locking Switches

The Allen-Bradley 440G-S Spartan Guard Locking Switches provide reliable and robust safety protection for industrial applications. Designed to prevent accidents by ensuring that hazardous machinery is shut down and isolated from its power source before access to the dangerous area. Suitable for use in harsh industrial environments, providing dependable performance and long-term cost savings.

Allen-Bradley 440G EZ Electromagentic Interlocking Switches
Allen-Bradley 440G-EZ Electromagentic Interlocking Switches

The Allen-Bradley Electromagnetic interlocking switch is designed to enhance machine safety and reliability and to protect working processes from unplanned downtime. Combining Power-to-Lock (PTL) magnetic locking function with a 500N holding force and 5mm tolerance to misalignment, ideal for industrial facilities looking to improve safety measures without compromising on personnel protection.

Allen-Bradley 440G LZ Guard Locking Switches
Allen-Bradley 440G-LZ Guard Locking Switches

The Allen-Bradley 440G-LZ guard-locking interlock switch is ideal for use on partial body access guards. Combines microprocessor technology with an RFID-coded actuator, a locking bolt drive mechanism to prevent the guard from opening and only extending when correct actuator is detected. Designed with a holding force of 1300N and two OSSD solid-state outputs they are the ultimate in guard safety.