Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 VSD 690V IP54 ND 330A 315kW or HD 265A 250kW No Brake Frame 8

Item No. 20G1AJF330JN0NNNNN
Product Range: PowerFlex 755
Component Type (ETIM Class)
Frequency converter =< 1 kV
Number of phases input3
Nominal input voltage690 V
Nominal output power AC315 kW
Nominal output current I2N330 A
kW rating, light duty355 kW
kW rating, normal duty315 kW
kW rating, heavy duty250 kW
Dynamic braking transistorYes
Control characteristicPID
Suitable for safety functionsYes
Contains keypadNo
Frame size8
Degree of protection (IP)IP54