The NHP Busbars and Chassis offering is critical to the function of power distribution systems. Circuit breakers are often required to be mounted in groups as part of a larger power distribution system. To help assist with grouped circuit breaker power distribution requirements, NHP manufacture standardised busbar systems, simply known as chassis.

NHP stock a range of basic chassis which can be purchased off the shelf or as part of a distribution board. More complicated chassis are produced on a custom basis to suit a customer specification.

NHP have also developed the new, innovative Grizz Bar isolation chassis which reduces potential hazards for electrical maintenance workers. Grizz Bar is a high quality encapsulated chassis that incorporates a proven mechanically interlocked busbar tee off disconnection system. Its mechanical strength and thermal performance are unmatched within the Australian and New Zealand market. Grizz Bar is designed and manufactured in Australia to ensure consistent quality.

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