NHP strengthens local offering with Axelent partnership providing safety fencing and wire tray solutions

NHP combines local expertise and a range of innovative products from global partners to deliver integrated, value-add solutions designed to optimise your operations. To further enhance our established product portfolio, NHP is pleased to officially announce the recent partnership with leading global brand, Axelent.

This partnership means NHP now have the distribution rights to Axelent's safety fencing solution (X-Guard) and cable tray products (X-Tray). Compliant to local industry requirements, this range will provide a complete and comprehensive solution for customers seeking to integrate safe and secure practice into their applications.

Not only does the Swedish manufactured Axelent range increase the performance of an operation, but it also features simple and quick assembly, aesthetic design, easy integration, and a flexible and scalable solution. This balance of reliable performance and seamless installation assures no compromise or hindrance to processes, heightening overall protection of equipment and personnel.

NHP is proud to partner with Axelent, equipping our industry with unrivalled, flexible and complete solutions enabling you the agility to customise products, all of which are designed in accordance to local specifications.

Find out more about NHP's Axelent safety fencing solution (X-Guard) and cable tray products (X-Tray)

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Untangling the hazardous mess cables can cause to plants, NHP is proud to offer Axelent's X-Tray wire trays boasting a simple yet smart design for wire control and organisation.

Guarantee neat installation and secure results with the Axelent X-Tray from NHP available in a range of materials and finishes for a variety of environments and needs.


Brochures & Technical Documents

Download available brochures and technical documents for X-Tray below:

X-Tray Technical Manual

X-Tray Reference Guide


NHP introduces the Axelent X-Guard, providing a modular safety fencing solution fulfilling all safety requirements in a sleek, robust design.

With its wide range of standard components and accessories, the Axelent X-Guard from NHP is guaranteed to cover all possible machine guard needs.


Brochures & Technical Documents

Download available brochures and technical documents for X-Guard below:

X-Guard Technical Brochure

X-Guard Reference Guide

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