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Modern power distribution systems from MV to LV are populated with devices that can sense and communicate a wealth of technical health and diagnostic data. This valuable data can help people efficiently use the available energy of their power network, reduce operating costs, improve safety of the switchroom and better predict the failure mode of critical electrical devices such as circuit breakers long before any unexpected power blackout occurs.

NHP's 'Smarter Power Distribution' network brings together best of breed electrical and automation products, services and solutions that can help keep your mission critical building powered and operating when you need it.

Intelligent Predictive Maintenance solutions maximise power availability and reduce critical failures

3CGlobally health and safety regulators who investigate catastrophic electrical incidences have recognised that pressure to avoid power shutdowns results in the neglect and deterioration of key electrical infrastructure like main switchboards and the critical components contained within them.

Over time this neglect can cause significant failures due to switchgear contact corrosion, loose busbar connections and blocked air ventilation, inevitably leading to overheating and fire hazards. Conventional circuit breakers with electronic trip units do not offer any form of protection against overheating in the conductive path!

To help solve this problem NHP and Terasaki have developed the 3C overheating protection system. 3C actively senses, alarms and communicates problematic overheating of conductors, connections and contacts of critical switchgear and busbar zones. This advanced notification allows for better management of switchboard maintenance, potentially avoiding unexpected catastrophic equipment failures and costly power outages.

The 3C overheating protection system is just one of NHP's many intelligent power distribution solutions that ensures critical buildings maximise power availably, improve safety for people and reduce operating costs.

3C Overheating Protection

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Power Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Power Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Maximum Power availability through innovative technology.


TemPower 2 Air Circuit Breaker

TemPower 2 Air Circuit Breaker

Safety, Performance, Protection, Reliability.


Enclosed changeover solutions

Enclosed changeover solutions

ATS no-break Bypass solution.

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Contact your local NHP specialist to discuss how a customised industrial automation and Terasaki TemPower 2 ACB solution with integrated 3C protection can be implemented on your site.

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