Future BuildingsThe need to shift from inefficient reporting methodologies and adapt to innovative and intelligent buildings software is on the rise and can quickly address the Return on Investment (ROI) challenge.

For something to have ROI, it must generate value for the business, i.e. it must provide benefits in excess of its cost in a timely fashion (and ideally adjusted for risk).

Information is incredibly valuable. In fact, for many property organisations the current lack of visibility and control makes the ROI of accessing better, faster, cheaper information substantially higher than any other capital investment opportunity available. Data is a strategic asset to the enterprise, making information essential and invaluable. Increasingly, businesses succeed and fail on the quality and timeliness of their information.

Emergence of Smart Buildings

Energy management forms an integral component to Smart Buildings, where a recent report from ABI Research forecasts that Smart Buildings’ global facility services revenue will grow from $625 million in 2015 to more than $8 billion in 2021.

In simple terms, Smart Buildings are those that feature building automation technology and smart systems that facilitate improved operational performance. New business models and opportunities are arising from managing data to empower decision makers through a centralised real-time portfolio of information.

Smart buildings programs unlock data; data in the right hands becomes information; information will lead to targeted decisions and actions; and those decisions and actions drive the ROI of the original smart buildings program.

Recently there have been huge advancements in machine learning which grant the ability to identify and correct inaccuracies. These improvements in data quality allow us to turn assumptions and ideas into actionable, testable real-world hypotheses.

One of the most prevalent trends is the growing acceptance and utilisation of data analytics. Consider the implication of applying this intelligence to improve efficiency in the built environment. 

NHP, with Switch Automation have the solution

Massive advancements already resonate in the built environment and the velocity of change increases each year. Companies that don’t adapt by planning and implementing critical technology initiatives will fall behind, and the gap between success and failure will continue to widen exponentially.

In order to provide powerful insights to optimise your building performance, NHP have partnered with Switch Automation to bring to market a powerful cloud hosted energy management platform, InfoSyte.

Users benefit from clearly visualised real-time data and often notice immediate energy savings. Our gateways collect information from thousands of building IoT sensors and synthesise the data in our cloud-based Platform. With a customisable interface, it allows easy configure of personal workspaces to reflect information that’s most relevant to your plant operation.

Users of InfoSyte are able to remotely identify and resolve building issues using fault detection, big data analytics, and real-time command and control. As a result, they spend less time finding problems and more time fixing and preventing them.

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