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1 September 2020

Get your Power Factor Correction system serviced and get a 30% discount on replacement caps!

Please email us or call NHP and ask to speak to your local NHP Service department on 1300 NHP NHP.

Other NHP Power Quality Services

At NHP, we pride ourselves on SMART solutions that deliver improved power quality through optimal performance and results.

We’re with you each step of the way with a range of power quality services available to assist in determining your needs and ensuring your power quality system is delivering enduring results.

NHP provides Power Quality Services including:

-       Power Quality Audits

-       Commissioning services for NHP Power Factor Correction systems

-       Commissioning services for NHP Static Var Generators

-       Commissioning services for NHP Active Power Filters

-       Installation of NHP power quality systems - application dependent

-       Periodic service and maintenance of NHP power quality systems

Extended warranties are also available for NHP power quality systems when an NHP commissioning service is undertaken.

To find out more, please contact NHP and ask to speak to your local NHP Service or Application Engineering department on 1300 NHP NHP.

Power Quality Audits

NHP can help you determine your onsite power factor and harmonic levels, along with potential savings from your energy bill where improvement to your power quality can be made.

An NHP service technician can come to you and install our Miro PQ-45 data logger for 7 days (or longer as needed), specifically configured to capture all critical power quality measurements. Following retrieval of the data logger from site, our NHP Application Engineering team will extract and analyse the data, providing you with a comprehensive power quality report that includes recommendations for power quality improvements where available.

Our analysis includes:

  • Current, power and voltage graphs including daily load profiles
  • Harmonic graphs and total harmonic distortion (current & voltage)
  • Waveform and RMS event capture for abnormal events
  • Daily, average and minimum/maximum tables
  • Clear summary of NHP’s findings and recommendations 

Power Quality Commissioning Services

FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY for all NHP Power Quality systems when commissioned by NHP Service team.  

  • Standard 12-month warranty is provided with all NHP Power Quality systems.
  • Systems commissioned by NHP service team will receive an additional 12-month warranty.

It is critical that your power quality system is installed, connected and commissioned to ensure correct and reliable operation.

System performance can be compromised if equipment is not commissioned properly, causing the inability to reach and maintain target power factor and reduce onsite harmonics. This can also impact your energy bills, particularly where kVA and kVAr tariffs are in place. It can also affect the ability of power quality equipment to operate correctly, potentially impact on other onsite equipment, reduce equipment operating life and impact on the validity of a warranty. Commissioning outside metropolitan areas may incur an additional travel and accommodation fee.

Please email or call 1300 NHP NHP.

Power Quality Installation

Installation services for NHP Power Quality systems can be provided upon request. This will be subject to an initial site inspection with consideration to the following:

  • Location and installation of required current transformers
  • Location of power quality system and any required assembly (i.e. assembly of SVG and APF modules)
  • Termination of power and current transformer connections to the NHP Power Quality System
  • Removal of any old power quality system

Power Quality Service and Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures peak performance and longevity of your power quality investment. No equipment is immune from the effects of restricted air flow and temperature and much like servicing of your car, periodic servicing of your power quality equipment is essential to keep things running smoothly.

The service team at NHP will perform the following maintenance tasks and any other necessary service for NHP Power Quality systems.

  • System check of the overall system, the controller, settings etc. to make sure that unit is performing as required.
  • Check tightness of all electrical connections - all electrical connections should be checked and tightened after transit, and as part of a twelve-monthly check. As electrical connections heat up and cool down, they expand and contract, possibly causing the connection to loosen and result in a resistive joint.
  • ThermoScan - a ThermoScan is included for each service of your NHP power quality equipment to ensure there are no deficiencies invisible to the naked eye. This service completes a comprehensive visual inspection of the power quality system.
  • Remove all dust and deposits, inside and outside - over time dust will enter the PFC, SVG and/or APF system and accumulate on surfaces, or if any work has been done on the system there may be deposits of some kind left behind.
  • Check function of fans and thermostats - once every twelve months, check that the fans and thermostats are fully operational by applying hot air from a hot air blower or hair dryer to the temperature switches. The fans should turn on at 35°C and the controller (and any active functional steps) should turn off at 50°C.
  • Clean/replace filters - once every three months, the filters should be cleaned. If the environment is dusty, dirty or corrosive, the filters may require more frequent cleaning or replacement.
  • Current measurements - every six months, each capacitor step should be checked. A log is provided to keep a history of how the capacitor steps are performing over time, which will help in diagnosing a problem before it becomes a hazard to your business. This check involves taking the phase voltage readings (RMS voltage), and the current readings per phase.

Recommended service and maintenance schedule -

  • NHP PFC Systems—3, 6 and 12 monthly services
  • NHP SVG and APF systems—12 monthly service

How can I arrange a Power Quality service from NHP?

Please contact us on 1300 NHP NHP and request to speak to your local NHP Service or Application Engineering team.

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