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6 May 2019

NHP’s Arc LogiX system provides an end-to-end flash mitigation solution to minimise power-crippling infrastructure damage caused by arc flash while increasing electrical contractor safety.

An arc flash is usually initiated by either a breakdown of insulation or a foreign object, such as a hand tool, causing a conduction path through an air gap in a switchboard. When this occurs, an arc is formed between phases or phase to ground.

The consequences of an arc flash include significant damage to switchgear, conductors, switchboards and the installation. However, the biggest consequence is potential injury or death of operators in the area.

The Arc LogiX system combines two powerful technologies to detect and clear an arc fault within an optimum timeframe.

The Arc LogiX CS smart touchscreen system improves arc flash safety by using temporary ‘maintenance mode’ protection settings with Terasaki AR ACBs. It can handle 12 ACBs per system and display information which includes circuit breaker energy management data and trip history, and switchboard internal temperatures. Manufactured by NHP and fully programmable out of the box, it also has wireless email event notification.

Arc LogiX Optical is a range of fast acting fibre optic based arc flash relays suitable for MV and LV applications, available in solid state or relay-based technologies for both linear and point optic fibre sensors. Delivering multiple zone monitoring, it can be used as a complementary technology layer to Arc LogiX CS or as standalone arc flash mitigation technology.

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