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6 May 2019

NHP Concept’s updated Emergency Lighting Test Units provide a safe, simple and time efficient testing method to comply with the six-monthly testing requirements of AS/NZS 2293 standards.

During a test, the timer starts and a contactor cuts mains supply so emergency and exit lights run on battery power. The inspection continues until either the timer times out or the stop button is pressed to cancel the test, and mains power is automatically restored to the lights and the batteries recharge.

In areas accessible by the general public, the ELTKA test switch kit provides manual operation with secure access to the test functions via a key-operated, spring return switch.

For areas accessible by authorised personnel only, the ELTSA test switch kit provides manual operation via the push button with a spring return switch.

An added feature with the new ELTKA and ELTSA test switch kits is that in an event of a power blackout they will allow for emergency lights to remain on for 10 minutes giving time for normal lighting to regain sufficient light warm up preventing a blackout period.

The NTSELS is an optional accessory used with the test switch kits that is available for environments where ongoing monitoring is required and features sensing of eight lighting circuits.

The compact design of the Emergency Lighting Test Unit from NHP allows for easy connection to existing circuits and is also available in an open version which can be retrofitted to an existing panelboard.

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