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6 May 2019

NHP’s new Sprecher + Schuh CA9 contactors take motor control technology to the next level with rugged performance, advanced electronic coil features and a smaller footprint.

The CA9 contactors allow for switching of motor loads from 55kW to 630kW at 415V AC and from 55 to 600kW at 1000V AC and feature an electronically-controlled wide range AC/DC coil for easier voltage control on multiple applications with fewer parts.

The advanced engineering of the coil design is eco-friendly and energy efficient, allowing users to operate the same applications with a smaller power supply.

The CA9 contactors typically have a reduced footprint compared to previous product lines, allowing for a smaller panel and a smaller enclosure.

CA9 contactors can be used in combination with Terasaki MCCB’s to achieve Type 2 co-ordination, including IE3 premium efficiency motors.

The CA9 contactors are designed for applications from 116 to 2650 Amps and replace the Sprecher + Schuh CA6 contactors which were designed for applications from 115 to 860 Amps.

Upgrade to the next generation of motor control:

Series CA9 Contactors
The modern contactor for industrial applications up to 630kW (@415V AC)

Simplifying CA6 Migration
Upgrade to the modern contactor for industrial applications

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