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2 July 2019

Rockwell Automation and NHP deliver Integrated Condition Monitoring (CM) solutions to keep plant floors running productively and reduce potential downtime.

Traditional Condition Monitoring is the process of monitoring parameters within machinery (vibration, temperature etc.), in order to identify a change which is indicative of a developing fault.

This is a major component of predictive maintenance, and with an Integrated CM system you can now utilises real-time processing of critical parameters to assess the current health and make Realtime decision to determine the future health of your critical rotating machinery. 

Effective application of CM principles allows maintenance to be planned and conditions that may shorten the life of expensive equipment to be detected and eliminated before developing into major issues.

The Allen-Bradley® range of CM equipment (Dynamix™ 1444) offers unprecedented integrated signal processing and measurement capabilities, providing the tools necessary to detect and identify the faults and status across all classes of industrial machinery. This information is available to be sent to plant-wide or enterprise-wide databases for storage and trending. With this information, technicians can take appropriate maintenance action, such as replacing worn-out components before they fail, protecting both production and equipment while reducing maintenance costs and scheduling in maintenance as required.

The programming environment tightly integrates into Rockwell Software (Studio 5000®), so vibration and temperature data can be integrated within the same control platform where operators can easily review both equipment conditions and process data to make educated production decisions.

Furthermore, complex condition monitoring analysis can be converted into a simple and easy display, providing a reliable indication of equipment health that is easily understood by both operators and maintenance personal without requirement for dedicated mechanical skillsets.

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