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6 May 2019

Optimise your productivity and build modern applications easily with NHP’s expanded portfolio of Allen-Bradley® PanelView™ 5000 Graphic Terminals.

The Allen-Bradley® PanelView™ 5000 portfolio features enhanced integration, with Studio 5000 View Designer® included as part of the Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment® software. This enables engineers to enter configuration information once then leverage it across the entire automation design system.

The enhanced integration with Logix also means alarms are automatically available, eliminating additional configuration. It also delivers quick response and feedback for machine jogging applications via high-speed HMI buttons and the ability to tag extended property support to develop richer content.

With pre-built content available, the terminals improve operator productivity with intuitive navigation menus that reduce configuration time and scalable vector graphics that automatically adjust objects and screens to any terminal size. Users can also create custom, re-usable add-on graphics to more efficiently build their applications.

For OEMs and end users who require a high degree of integration between their HMI and control, the PanelView™ 5510 Graphic Terminal features a wide range of display sizes from 7” to 19” with widescreen, touch and keypad options, EtherNet/IP with DLR and embedded switch technology that supports ring topology for network fault tolerance and reduced downtime, and a physical navigation button on the terminal that easily displays information.

The PanelView™ 5310 Touch Screen Graphic Terminal is ideal for OEMs and End Users looking for a right-sized visualisation solution for their smaller applications, with screen sizes ranging from 6” to 12”, 100 screens, connection to one controller and 1000 alarms, and an on-screen navigation button easily displays information.

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