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4 April 2014

Oil and gas is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in Australasia and the ability to efficiently transport fuel and further help the global market meet its ever increasing energy needs is a must for local producers. But while oil and gas offers substantial rewards, it also poses significant challenges that arise through tough environmental and safety regulations, meaning working with equipment builders you can trust is critical.

Amtec Engineering with its associated company, Drilling Fluid Equipment Ltd (DFE), is exactly that and together they form the leading supplier of fluid handling equipment throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Servicing the petrochemical, oil exploration and a range of other industries, these companies have formed a reputation for innovation, quality and a personalised service. To maintain this reputation, it’s imperative that they partner with companies who share this philosophy so when they were recently approached by specialist shallow oil and gas drilling contractor Energy Drilling Australia (EDA), for Amtec Engineering who fabricates all of the equipment for Drilling Fluid Equipment, it meant joining forces with HAE specialists NHP.

In this particular instance, the request was for a 800 BBL Skid Mounted Drilling Fluid System that was to include both a 385 BBL Skid Mounted Shaker Tank and a 415 BBL Skid Mounted Suction Tank. Included within this complete system are three linear motion shakers, mud cleaner, self-elevating degasser and a vacuum degasser.

In essence, these components together provide a solids control system for a drilling rig that reduces the costs of drilling fluids by removing the solids from the fluid so that the drilling fluid can then be reused in the drilling process. Once the drilling fluid has returned from down the hole it is put through a degasser to remove the gas from the mud. After the drilling fluid leaves the degasser it enters the mud recycling tanks and the solids/cuttings from the drilling fluid are removed via the mud recycling system before going back down the hole that is being drilled.

“Within this project we used a large range of Cortem product from NHP and it was a combination of the quality of this range as well as that of the service that came with it that was the key reason behind us choosing them as our supplier,” Said Amtec’s Group Marketing Manager, Jayson Vinsen.

"Having the round the clock technical support from NHP and their local Sales Representative David Wildbore throughout this process has been of great value to the project”
, he continued.

Key to the Skid Mounted Drilling system was a range of Cortem products from NHP that included fluorescent lights, plugs and sockets, emergency stops and enclosures. All of these products were customised at our IECEx certified HAE workshop in Laverton, Melbourne, where accredited staff design, construct and inspect the Cortem range according to the requirements of IECEx certification. NHP’s involvement in this project highlights our capability to deliver quality and customised HAE solutions that not only meet regulations but are importantly, reliable.

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