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20 June 2017

The release of NHP OptiWave power factor controllers incorporate advanced monitoring to provide accurate measurement and control of network parameters in power factor correction applications, providing total protection of capacitors and systems.

This new series has been developed with advanced functionality and made with a dedicated ultra-compact housing. It combines modern front design with mounting and expandability ease.

The front optic USB port permits easy, safe connection for controller programming, diagnostic and data downloads via PC, smartphone and tablet connection.

These controllers are designed to satisfy technical characteristics of electrical installation requirements in all industries and working environments to detect critical operating conditions.

Main features and functions of the controllers include:

  • LCD display with white backlight to ensure good visibility in environments with low light conditions
  • Front optical port to support programming
  • USB and Wi-Fi dongle accessory modules available
  • Plug and Play with expansion modules available for:
    • Relay outputs
    • Communication (RS485 and Ethernet)
    • Analogue and digital I/O
  • Wide voltage input range (50-720VAC) for auxiliary power supply (100-440VAC)
  • Built-in temperature sensor and alarms

For complete control of power factor correction systems with advanced monitoring and protection, ensure you look no further than the NHP OptiWave power factor controllers.

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