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7 March 2017

Ensuring the right operational information gets to the right people in your organisation at the right time is becoming increasingly challenging. With the likely reality of scattered data sources, legacy equipment with limited integration capability and in-sufficient security, an organisation’s ability to get data into the hands of their decision makers has never been more critical. Add to that the varied corporate and IT requirements, and the puzzle becomes even more complex.

With over 50 years of industry experience and partnerships with global leaders like Rockwell Automation and CISCO, NHP are the local partner that can balance all of these challenges and help you achieve a truly Connected Enterprise.

Combining in-house engineers and technology specialists with partner solution architects, our specialised knowledge-base draws on the best engineers in the industry when customising solutions for small, medium or large-scale implementations. From NHP’s range of smart power distribution and monitoring solutions for commercial buildings through to data driven industrial automation systems, NHP connect people to smart systems for real-time decision making.

For more information on how NHP can help you unlock the hidden insight from your operational data download the exclusive brochure below!

Safe-T Series RCBO Flyer

Unlock the hidden insight from your operational data

Are dark spots and inaccessible data limiting insight into your manufacturing or building operations? With most companies accessing just 1% of available data from their operations, finding a partner to help unlock the other 99% and empower decision makers can be the difference between success and failure.


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