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27 March 2017

The new Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 755TL drives from NHP expand the proven portfolio of the PowerFlex® 753 and 755 AC drives.  This powerful new addition offers low harmonic solutions along with precise motor control.

The PowerFlex® 755TL drive is designed to mitigate harmonics using active front end technology and an internal harmonic filter. Harmonic distortion created by an electrical piece of equipment will have negative impacts such as:

  • Motors will run at higher temperatures, leading to increased repair and replacement costs
  • Circuit breakers may trip erratically
  • Interference in communications and consequent improper operation of sensitive control equipment

Beyond your facility, harmonic power distortion may cause problems for commercial or residential neighbours on your electrical grid.  As a result, you may be required to conform to standards for low harmonic distortion at a Point of Common Coupling (PCC).  The PowerFlex® 755TL Low Harmonic Drive is designed to meet and exceed local standards like IEEE 519 in terms of maximum allowable percentage of the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

In addition, the PowerFlex® 755TL can correct power factor to reduce energy-related expenses.  The combination of lower harmonics and power factor correction reduces the need to oversize your electrical power equipment.

Optimise your power consumption through the Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 755TL drives from NHP.

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