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12 May 2015

With over 70,000 line items, over 50 supply partners, and a dedicated team of product specialists to support you through it all, it should come as no surprise that the NHP website houses a lot of useful content.

Whether it’s the project case studies and product reviews that you’ve seen in this edition of Newsroom, or a range of brochures, catalogues and technical manuals, is your first port of call to access it all. With over 25,000 monthly visits and 30,000 monthly downloads, we understand that our website is a valuable resource – and as such, your user experience should be equally as seamless as it is rewarding.

So with that in mind, we are pleased to announce two new features that we’ve recently implemented, which are sure to please. As well as unlocking a complete site search that better enables you to identify and locate all relevant content relating to a keyword search, we’ve also uploaded the technical data sheets for each and every product on the website.


Technical data sheets now available - what does this mean?

 To complement the existing product information and specs that you require in your day to day operation, you’ll now have access to a range of technical data sheets that provide all you need to know about a particular product.

Once you’ve located the product you’re looking for (either via the website menu or search bar) you’ll see the 'Technical Data Sheet’ button - it's that simple. It’s just another way NHP are committed to being ‘easy to do business with'.


  • Team NHP, 30 May 2015

    Hi Brad

    Great news, CAD blocks are already online! All you have to do is register on our website and that's it! When you then go to 'My Account' you will see a 'CAD blocks' button on in the menu, simply search your product number and if it's available, it's yours.

    You can find more info by pasting the below link in you address bar:

    Team NHP

  • Brad, 25 May 2015

    What about AutoCad (DWG) downloads, when can i get these?

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