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14 October 2014

NHP are pleased to offer a complete range of quality N-Line isolating switches.

Available in 10A, 20A & 40A for both single and three phase applications, the N-Line Isolators are ideal for the HVAC and mechanical services industries. The new N-Line isolators are a cost-effective solution to any application, be it reverse cycle air conditioning, pool/spa pumps, outdoor lighting and many more.

Some of the great standard features of the N-Line isolator range include:

  • Large isolator handle for easy operation
  • Padlockable switch in the off position, Knock out to lock in the on position with devices up to 10mm
  • RAL 7035 UV resistant polycarbonate
  • IP 66 protection
  • Stainless cover screws standard
  • 2 pole switch mechanism standard on for single phase models 20 A & 40 A
  • Generic mounting and entries
  • 2 x 25-20 mm reducers included

If you would like any further information regarding the N-Line product range please contact your local NHP Representative by calling 1300 NHP NHP or download the below brochure.

Plugs and Sockets Catalogue - AUS

Plugs, Sockets & Switches Catalogue

The complete range of industrial strength IP 66 rated plugs and sockets.



  • Matt Hines, 24 September 2014

    Hi there can I have confirmation that this NHP N-Line isolator can be mounted in any direction (ie, face up) and still maintain IP rating. An inspector is challenging me on this.

  • Alan Rothnie, 15 March 2014

    Thanks for that guys :)

    N-Line Isolators are a quality product to suit an economic solution!

  • Team NHP, 15 March 2014

    Hi Alan

    The N-Line isolators do

    IP rating - AS/NZS 60529
    M-Rating - AS/NZS3133
    Switch Rating - AS/NZS60947-3

    They are also marked with the appropriate RCM mark to indicate compliance as such.
    Team NHP

  • Alan Rothnie, 5 March 2014

    Do these NHP N-Line isolators come with any certification to Australian standards?

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