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13 October 2014

NHP has released a new Variable Speed Drive for HVAC applications, the NHP MODdrive HVAC ECO.

Equipped with HVAC features designed to give energy efficient control, the NHP MODdrive HVAC ECO is available in IP66 up to 11kW and IP55 up to 45kW.

NHP’s Variable Speed Drives Product Manager, Stephen Turner, believes the HVAC ECO is a dedicated ‘low harmonics’ variable speed drive that uses the latest technology to minimise disruption (harmonics) of the incoming mains power supply typically created by non-linear loads such as standard variable speed drives.

“The HVAC ECO also incorporates a film capacitor design which offers increased efficiency and longer shelf-life compared with standard variable speed drives,” Turner continued.

With a large OLED display included as standard, which allows a fuller viewing angle, high contrast, quick navigation, and faster setup, the NHP MODdrive HVAC ECO also includes fire mode operation, which is particularly useful in smoke extraction systems and stairwell pressurisation applications. Complete with inbuilt BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU, the NHP MODdrive HVAC ECO can integrate easily into your HVAC building management system.

For more information, download the NHP MODdrive Air Movement Control brochure below.

NHP MODdriveTM Air Movement Control

NHP MODdrive™ Air Movement Control

Energy efficient control for HVAC systems with BACnet™.



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