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11 August 2014

Important: The first thing to note is that NHP is and will continue to accept orders via FAX.

However, if you are a NHP customer (outside of the wholesale industry) who still sends NHP orders via FAX, there are a few compelling reasons as to why you should look to use alternative methods, all for your own benefit.

 So what are those benefits?


If you send in an order via FAX, it is on average 30-60 minutes slower than via other methods, which depending on the time of the day, could mean you miss out on ‘same day delivery’. This time lapse is due to the fact that faxes are first are sent to Telstra, who then convert them into an email and send them on to us. NHP then actions that email into the system once it has been received.   


Often customers call us asking if we have either received their FAX order or wanting to make a change to it, however, when sent by FAX we have no way of finding the order or tracking it before it is entered. We cannot track a FAX because when Telstra email us they assign a random number in the subject line, which does not identify which customer the FAX came from. All other methods of orders are easily tracked in comparison.


How often have you sent a FAX and crossed your fingers that it was sent, not knowing that 30 minutes later the FAX machine has sent back an error page. It is little wonder most of our customers follow up FAX orders with a phone call! By using other methods of sending in an order, customers aren’t relying on Telstra and the FAX gods to ensure their order is received.

So what methods should our customers use instead of FAX?


The move from FAX to email would be the first option we recommend. Instead of putting your order docket in the FAX machine, simply scan it and email it to us or yourselves first before forwarding on to us. Emails are easily tracked as all we need to do if you ring us asking about that order is to ask you what was in the subject line, or which email address the order was emailed from. The email to use is and we receive them instantly.


By either calling 1300 NHP NHP (1300 647 647) or 0800 NHP NHP (0800 647 647) you can speak directly to a friendly NHP Customer Service person who will input your order directly into the system.

If there is a good reason as to why you still use a FAX machine or that is simply just your preference, then no worries NHP is happy to take your order via FAX. You just may not have been aware of these alternative methods - either way we are happy to accomodate you whichever way you wish to deal with us.

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