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4 August 2014

Whether your application requires complex process control or a more traditional automation solution concentrating on motor control, the PlantPAx™ solution from Rockwell Automation and NHP provides the foundation and building blocks to integrate a complete automation solution in a fraction of the time of traditional integration methods.

Pre-built RSLogix™ and FTView™ projects form the foundation - incorporating tested, ready-made code, graphics, navigation, alarming, diagnostics and user administration roles. PlantPAx applications can even be integrated in days instead of weeks.

The PlantPAx library (free download for TechConnect subscribers) forms the building blocks.

The PlantPAx library from Rockwell Automation offers extensive capabilities to help you fully realise the benefits of Integrated Automation combining Logix controllers, FTView and the Allen-Bradley range motor control products. These updates include extending the reach of the system to integrate motor control centres and critical rotating assets, such as compressors, pumps, turbines and fans, giving users the ability to manage plantwide operations with a single platform.

PlantPAx library objects are now available for one speed, two speed and reversing motors, generic VSD’s, 1336, 1395 and PowerFlex Drives as well as Dynamix vibration monitoring products. E series overloads are soon to be released.

These form the building blocks, allowing the entire capabilities of these products to be integrated into the user environment via a single tag. Engineers can monitor process conditions such as electric motor current, vibration signatures of key rotating assets and torque signatures of variable speed drives. This allows plant engineers to predict potential problems and help avoid equipment downtime –resulting in improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Tying intelligent motor devices into this unified-control architecture helps make an immediate and measurable impact on asset availability, operational efficiency and energy management. The tight integration between process automation and motor control is especially beneficial in resource-driven industrial applications with considerable mechanical investments, such as: metals, mining, cement, power, oil and gas, water/wastewater, and pulp and paper applications.

Unlike other distributed control systems that require users to manually map data from motor control devices to the control system, the PlantPAx system mirrors the device memory, making data automatically available within the control system. In essence, motor control applications using the PlantPAx solution will be simpler and cheaper to integrate, commission, monitor and maintain throughout the lifecycle of your plant.


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